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Don't even try to measure your insole, you'll never get it right. Just look at the measurements on any of your sneakers in CM or CHN. Then take that information and find the corresponding US size in the size guide. For example, the insole length of 25 CM corresponds to US 7 in Vans. You may get a different US size with a different brand due to slightly different measuring.

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Moon Boot footwear - women


Moon Boot footwear - unisex


Moon Boot

You won't be cold in these boots. Not during winter on planet Earth, not when you're taking a week-long vacation on the moon for the Christmas holidays. The inspiration from the Apollo missions is obvious in the design of Moon Boot's shoes, and their uniqueness doesn't stop at the exterior. Moon Boots are made of extremely lightweight and waterproof material that will keep your feet warm even when the thermometer drops to -35 degrees.Although Moon Boot looks very futuristic, this brand has been making the warmest winter footwear since 1978. In that time, it has managed to improve its philosophy almost to perfection - almost, because it still leaves room for improvement for the future, which promises a number of interesting collaborations in addition to new colours and silhouettes. So make sure you remember Moon Boot before your fingers turn into icicles.