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By adidas Originals x Sean Wotherspoon x Atmos

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adidas Originals x Sean Wotherspoon x Atmos sustainability initiative

Sean Wotherspoon and adidas Originals are embarking on their latest adventure. Wotherspoon channels his love for the outdoors into new outdoor-inspired Hoverturf, based on the original Superturf Adventure silhouette. In collaboration with Atmos, a prominent Japanese streetwear and sneaker boutique based in Tokyo, they have created a new colorway of the SUPERTURF ADVENTURE.

With sustainability being a long-term mission for adidas and a big part of Sean Wotherspoon's lifestyle, they have crafted this vegan model. Whilst taking inspiration from the best of the outdoors, this new vegan model brings, for example, a detachable pouch attached to the upper that can also be worn around the neck or attached with a belt loop. In adittion, the project is rounded out by an apparel capsule, which includes t-shirts, hoodies and cargo pants that are emblazoned with Sean Wotherspoon’s very own collaborative emblem with adidas Originals. Sustainable, environmentally friendly connection in collaboration with ATMOS helps adidas to authenticate the willingness to further develop in the field of sustainability by making a point in the use of recycled materials.

Through this adidas x Sean Wotherspoon x Atmos collaboration, we are bringing you fun and educative ways how to implement sustainability into your life. The tie-dye workshop highlights how easy it is to upcycle a piece of clothing with the ingredients you already own. To bring a piece of nature and create a small garden into your own home, we have created a flower workshop, that also teaches you how to take care of the plants during the year to get the best results.

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How can you help to end the plastic waste?

Get a reusable cloth bag

Some plastic bags are marketed as recyclable, but only a tiny portion actually are. A single-use plastic bag can last forever in a landfill or the oceans.

Skip the straws

Say no to plastic straws. Get your own reusable straw if you really need one.

Switch to a reusable bottle

Swap the plastic for a reusable steel, aluminum or glass bottle and keep on living a well-hydrated life on the go.

Save on the laundry suds

Wash your clothes less frequently and use a cold wash setting to reduce the release of microfibers.

Get to know your trash

Eliminate sources of unnecessary waste. If you can’t reuse, recycle, or compost it, ask yourself if you really need it in the first place.

Enjoy a cup of good karma

Bring your own cup to coffee shops. Even paper cups are often lined with plastic. At the very least, skip the lid. Or you could save money by making your own at home.

Glass. The clear choice.

Choose products in glass containers over plastic packages, like milk and juice.

Make the switch to bar soap

Buy bars of soap and shampoo instead of liquid ones. They require less or no packaging.

Brush, naturally

Use natural/bamboo toothbrushes that are recyclable - and try making your own toothpaste too.

Sharing is caring

Explain your choices to people who ask. And to those who don’t - they probably need to hear it most.

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