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Don't even try to measure your insole, you'll never get it right. Just look at the measurements on any of your sneakers in CM or CHN. Then take that information and find the corresponding US size in the size guide. For example, the insole length of 25 CM corresponds to US 7 in Vans. You may get a different US size with a different brand due to slightly different measuring.

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MAHARISHI x Fracap footwear - men


maharishi caps - unisex



Maharishi, which means Guru in Hindi, got its name in 1994, when it was founded. The brand does not hide its inspiration in Eastern culture and was noticed properly at the turn of the millennium when they introduced their “snopants,” wide drop waist pants with an embroidered dragon on the back, thanks to which the founder and main designer Hardy Blechman got awarded the streetwear designer of the year at the British Fashion Awards. The brand is stubbornly loyal to good quality materials, perfect fits and strong elements of militarism. The brand celebrated a comeback in 2015 and there´s no indication it is ready to leave the limelight any time soon.