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How to choose the right size?

You will get the best estimate if you look at the length of your insole (do not ever try to measure it, it will not be precise), just take a look at the size chart of any shoe brand you like and find the length in centimetres. You need to take a look at the US sizes in the size chart first and then find the length of the insole accordingly. For example, Vans shoes in a size US 7 have insoles with the length of 25 cm. Other brands may have a different US size attached to a particular length of the insole.

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HUF was founded in 1992 by Keith Hufnagel, who grew up in the streets of New York where he was skateboarding. He became a professional, enabling him to travel around the world. Later he opened a small boutique in San Francisco, it was the first store of its kind, and Hufnagel gradually got all the skate brands under one roof. Today he sells his own apparel, which is also available in the Footshop.

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HUF Pánské mikiny

Waist (cm)54 cm55 cm60 cm65 cm68 cm
Chest (cm)55 cm58 cm61 cm67 cm70 cm
Hips (cm)47 cm48 cm53 cm60 cm62 cm
Sleeve (cm)63 cm65 cm65 cm68 cm68 cm
Lenght (cm)72 cm74 cm76 cm79 cm82 cm

HUF Pánská trička

Waist (cm)46 cm51 cm56 cm60 cm66 cm
Chest (cm)46 cm52 cm56 cm60 cm66 cm
Hips (cm)47 cm51 cm57 cm61 cm67 cm
Sleeve (cm)19 cm22 cm22 cm23 cm23 cm
Lenght (cm)68 cm74 cm80 cm82 cm83 cm

HUF x Thrasher Boty


HUF Kalhoty

Hips (cm)414345474951
Lenght (cm)454748495051
Ham width (cm)293031323336

HUF Kraťasy

Hips (cm)414345474951
Ham width (cm)293031323336

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