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How to choose the right size?

You will get the best estimate if you look at the length of your insole (do not ever try to measure it, it will not be precise), just take a look at the size chart of any shoe brand you like and find the length in centimetres. You need to take a look at the US sizes in the size chart first and then find the length of the insole accordingly. For example, Vans shoes in a size US 7 have insoles with the length of 25 cm. Other brands may have a different US size attached to a particular length of the insole.

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Thrasher was originally the bible of all skaters, then a production company and a radio station, now also a clothing brand. T-shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits, caps, snapbacks and much more, all with the Thrasher logo. No matter whether you skate or not, you'll love their clothes.

Most seacherd Size Charts

Trasher T-Shirts Men

Lenght (cm)71.1 cm73.7 cm76.2 cm78.7 cm81.3 cm83.8 cm
Width45.7 cm50.8 cm55.9 cm61 cm66 cm71.1 cm

Trasher Hoodies

Lenght (cm)71.1 cm73.7 cm76.2 cm78.7 cm81.3 cm83.8 cm
Width53.3 cm58.4 cm63.5 cm68.6 cm73.7 cm78.7 cm

Trasher Zip Hoodies

Lenght (cm)72.4 cm74.9 cm77.5 cm80 cm82.6 cm85.1 cm
Width53.3 cm58.4 cm62.2 cm67.3 cm69.9 cm72.4 cm

Trasher Jackets

Lenght (cm)68.6 cm71.1 cm73.7 cm76.2 cm78.7 cm
Width54.6 cm59.1 cm64.1 cm69.2 cm74.3 cm

Trasher T-Shirts Women

Chest (cm)73.678.883.890.295.2
Lenght (cm)62.964.86667.669

Independent x Thrasher trička a mikiny

Chest (cm)37-4141-4545-5151-5353-5656-59

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