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10 countries, 10 artists, hundreds of molded cardboard boxes from Footshop warehouse. We have created 10 unique armchairs and 1 customised pair of sneakers to match each of the chairs.

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Ondrash & Kasparek

Česká republika

An artistic duo who, despite technological developments remain true to the analog spirit, which allows them to fully express their own manuscript.

Daniel Labrosse


His inspiration comes mainly from comic books and animated series. Dani combines new techniques with some of the oldest ones and the result is the intersection of the best of different periods.

Edyta Grzyb


Emotions expressed in contrast, denying the difference between reality and fiction. For a Polish painter, such a stimulating aesthetic is an essential element of art, which she also displayed within our project.

Martin Lukáč


A definition of modern expressionism that is sometimes on the edge of untrained impression. Martin's work is based on primary automatisms, whose shape and context can evolve with time.

Roel van der Linden


Take all the clichés, the run-in practices, and throw them in the trash. In his work, Roel celebrates the most important thing - an endless stream of creative inspiration, a love of the creative process itself.



Complex street art with a touch of surrealism, blending book illustration with playful mystical vibes.

Flavien "mile" flavor


Graffiti is the essence of street fashion. MILE is its enjoyer, which could be confirmed by his hometown, Toulouse. As part of our project, he took his passion one step further.



When an artist devotes himself to a number of artistic directions, their combination achieves the most beautiful results. This is not the rule, but it is true in this case.

Johanna Walderdorff


When asked where she would like to see her chair stand, Johanna Walderdorff answered simply: On top of a mountain. Nonsense? And what is this sense anyway?

Cacao Rocks


Modern Greek art doesn’t hide the reference to its traditional culture, whose aesthetics is still a symbol of perfection. This is a well known fact not only in the galleries around the world where Cacao Rocks exhibits.

Footshop meets Reebok

As an accompaniment to the collection of armchairs, we are also launching a collection of Reebok clothing, which is sewn with iconic moments from our first decade in the world of streetwear, premium products and sneakers.

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From the very first order...

This year, we are celebrating ten years from the first Footshop order. It has been ten years of creating things that were only possible in the wildest dreams before. Who would have thought that we would expand to more than fifteen countries and dispatch more than a million pairs of sneakers? And your contribution played a significant role in the journey. So the least we can do is say thank you and express how much we appreciate your help. Without our customers, we are nobody. Thank you!

Peter Hajduček, CEO & Founder

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The biggest drops of the decade

Sneakers that are creating history. Behind each one of them, there are months of planning, meetings, and negotiations… After all the hard work, we were able to provide thousands of people with rare pairs of sneakers in collaborations with OFF-WHITE, FEAR OF GOD, and many others.

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Working together with local artists, but also with global streetwear leaders. We've learned how to listen to each other, intertwine different points of view, opinions and ideas. Because after all, that’s what our culture is about.

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Unforgettable events

We love to see our community all together, having a good time, celebrating the things we love. We've organized hundreds of events, with memories that will last forever.

Building brand's character

Our character is created by the people involved, and without them, we wouldn't be who we are today. Thank you for being on this journey with us.


It's the world around us. Sneakers, clothes, exhibitions, and monuments. We have been seen through art throughout the years, under the microscope, but also miles away. This is only the beginning, there is much more to come.


Transcending beyond fashion

It's not only about fashion. We spread awareness about topics that are important to us. We support self-expression, LGBTQA+ community, sustainability on many different levels, and a responsible approach to people and things around us.

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We’ve worked with legends from different genre scenes, and we gave them a helping hand to achieve their greatest accomplishments. What we earn, we invest back into the culture. It’s a promise we gave to the community, and we do it happily, from the heart.

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