Cheap Monday

Everything began in March 2004, when the brand with typical skull logo introduced their first fashion hit on the market. However, the history of the brand reaches further back to 2000, when Örjan Andersson, Adam Friberg and 2 other friends opened a small "second hand" in one of the Stockholm suburbs. They named the shop very appropriately - "Weekend" - as it was opened only during Saturdays and Sundays. Later, they opened another bigger store in the center of Stockholm, where they were selling only exclusive brands of jeans together with second hand clothing. Some of the jeans sold in the store were too expensive and Örjan has decided to come up with an alternative - to sell cheaper jeans which are still fashionable. And this is where the brand Cheap Monday was born, focusing their production on casual and very tight stretch jeans for affordable prices. Today Cheap Monday can be found in more than 35 countries and in more than 1800 shops around the world.  Despite their fast growth the original idea prevails - to offer customers fashionable pieces that are competing with high-end fashion brands for reasonable prices.

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